Christ’s last command is our first concern: to reach our own Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth. From this, we do one simple thing: Repeat what we do here and share elsewhere to reach beyond our own city, state, nation, and abroad for Kingdom impact. 

Hear the message, LINK IN to God & Community, Know your Identity, and Go- For Kingdom Impact Now!

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A church-planting network of 455 churches and centers invited W.O.W. Ministries International to go abroad to conduct both Women's Leadership Conferences "Garland of Grace", as well as a large rally for the future church, "True ID India!" The WOW Ministries International team spoke 28 times in 13 days over the three conferences, church services and leadership round-tables. Seen was a "ripple effect from here to eternity" where salvation, transformation and countless stories transpired. Read of the outcomes and see the gallery and video... 

"That Together, We May See a Ripple-Effect From Here Into Eternity"... Two separate Conferences, one repeated for a total of three conferences in three different regions, speaking at three churches, a Jubilee celebration of 1,000 and community development over 13 days. Youth, Women and Ministry Leaders. 

For the Next Generation Abroad:
After six True ID conferences have been done, WOW was invited to conduct True ID as a three-day conference event in India for over 1,000 youth at one of the Christian universities. "We were truly 'wowed' by the response of the youth and how transferable the message was!", shares Marty Schutrop, director of WOW Ministries International. 

The True ID Conference was presented as a 3 day on-site conference where 1,000 youth gathered for an unprecedented rally to meet the fast up-and-coming need the Church of India faces (as are other nations abroad).

Casey shares: "There is a tsunami of culture shift sweeping across the youth (of India) as they move from a 3rd to a 2nd world nation. Even the most remote village youth have cell phones and access to all western media, and unfortunately, they are taking the worst from it. 45% have smart phones and of the Christian youth that do- 65% of one age group view pornography on a regular basis. If the Church does not come in equal force to purpose for them to know their True identity in Christ- their 'True ID', and discover their true call, I am concerned the body of Christ will lose them. This is why teaching and training in mass is key for church planting and growth as the youth ARE the future Church abroad." 

A Flood of Good News:
Overwhelmed that 1,000 students from Jr. high, high School as a well seminary students that attended, denounced the many lies they believed. Although this was a closed conference on a Christian University Campus for and to Christian youth with preregistration, many brought Hindu friends. Of those, over 170 made a first time decision to know the love and freedom of life in Christ, many denouncing their Hindu gods.

True Follow-up:
As the youth pastors brought the youth, each new believer is already in a youth group and was sent home with follow-up tools from WOW Ministries, and the youth pastors directly followed up one on one with each student. 

Women's Leadership Conferences Abroad:
Abroad, women often make up the majority of church attendees. In India overall, 60-80% of congregants are women! This is why training for women's leaders is so vital to church growth. This is why WOW Ministries Intl. was so grateful to also conduct two, 2-day "Garland of Grace" conferences for the heads of women ministries, leadership teams, and the pastor's wives whom were brought in from around each of the two regions. Totaling 450 women at both of the regions, then the evening sessions were also open to the public, where people came to Christ, including Hindus.

Upcoming News Abroad:
As part of the continued followup of the ministry happenings there, WOW Ministries International was invited to bring comprehensive discipleship materials based from the True ID conference as an extension of the ministry given for the youth groups of this network of 455 churches and centers for their over 10,000 students in 10 regions. This is copy-written True ID Material written by Founder, Casey Schutrop, c. 2009, and 2014 in the form of a discipleship material besides the now 15 True ID offerings and conference material booklet. 

Only God Can Do This!!:
A true ripple-effect that reaches from here to eternity. To God Be the Glory!! The WOW Ministries team THANKS those who MISSION-ED WITH US in prayer and finances to see this a reality. To learn how you can be involved in this vital mission, contact us.