Crossing lines of latitude and longitude

By God’s grace, these two projects, True ID and the Legacy Project, have now reached around the world.  Learn how WOW has done this in the past as well as how the projects are meant to reach and aid YOU to "Impact Identity" – the identity of you, your family, and others. 

“As an inheritance is given, it is a legacy we are to leave; for what is the essence of legacy but hope.” The Legacy Project crosses lines of gender, age, and nations for all to know their identity and inheritance as members of God’s family.

The Legacy Project outreach with many subsidiary works includes the national award-winning book Grandma’s Christmas Legacy and Our Family Christmas Legacy Journal as well as outreach tools for groups and churches to use as Christmas Legacy Celebrations.

True ID began as a local conference for a give-back of WOW Ministries International to come alongside young individuals and their search for their identities . Reaching beyond our local borders, it has grown to be offered year-round as the complete True ID Conference or as Keynotes and break-outs for denominations, organizations, and churches upon their request.

 True ID Abroad – A three-day conference to teach and train the next generation of diverse cultures abroad.

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