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Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself! 
There are 3 things for you too know: 

A) There are many talks shared in FOUR ways of presenting/speaking available for you: 

1) Inspirational message & keynotes (Both original Casey Schutrop talks and talks written for your specific topic/theme) 
2) Bible teaching for conferences (Both the two specific conferences we offer here and abroad, or your own theme),
3) Outreach presentations (One for Christmas and the other for spring and Mother’s Day), and finally: 
4) Team training to equip new leaders with Christ-like skills. 

B) The Featured Speaking Selections Packet has samples of these different types of talks and shares a detailed description of each speaking offering; including added offerings of take-aways available to accompany each talk.  To receive this packet  in your inbox, just call: 612 501-8822 or see Booking on any of our websites.

C) Also, to view speaking videos, TV interviews, articles and more, you can request for access to the private Media Page.  
Just call: 612 501-8822 

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