Announcing A New Launch
July 2017

Half way through the year, so much has transpired and so much is ahead -therefore what an honor to share both what only the Lord can do and what is now before us.
A newsletter could never communicate all the many "wow" stories that have transpired, yet we are no less grateful for them and to all that prayed them through. So here, to skim-over, are three main news-stories to share with you - each impacting different parts of the world:
Locally, nationally and abroad: Like the Great Commission, our reach is focused on our own " the ends of the earth." And you can join the journey with us!
To put it simply our hearts, once again, are reflected in the main ministry verse: "LORD I have heard of your fame; I stand in AWE of your deeds, LORD. Revive your work throughout all of our lives in our day, in our time make them known..." Habakkuk 3:2

Every Hour 42 Children Are Trafficked 7 Days A Week.
The 42:7 PROJECT is a movement to bring advocacy, education, and awareness of the human trafficking of children with four distinctive initiatives leading up to and beyond Super Bowl 52.
For many years our heart at WOW has been turned for advocacy of those affected by the harsh-reality of human trafficking. Quietly we supported, attended events and taught awareness and education in the WOW Ministries conferences. Job 22:2 says: "He reveals the deep things of darkness and brings utter darkness into the light." Due to the advent of human trafficking rising 36% just this last year, the WOW Ministries' Board granted permission, to obey this conviction and heed the call to bring both opportunity for UNITY through a coalition and advocacy for advancement. To aid those who fight on the front-lines of human trafficking as we together bring education and awareness to the general public (not just the Church), leading up to and after SuperBowl 52. The statistics are alarming, yet there are positive answers.
To learn more about the human trafficking of children, the specific initiatives and how YOU can become #MinnesotaBold for SuperBowl 52 in Minneapolis Click Here
To learn of my husband Marty's and my heart on this issue and how this all started: Click Here
READ ON for further news of the outcomes and to discover about the last three 42:7 PROJECT events and the launch WOW Ministries International brought this quarter Click Here
To see the photo-gallery of the 42:7 PROJECT: Click Here We are #MinnesotaBold
WOW Abroad

Reaching out to share, we are now preparing to go abroad this next month on the subject of the Church, the next generation, and the marginalized.
We cannot disclose much due to the nature of the work, yet besides the basic tasks of missions work and speaking we have done in the past, we will be having several (private) meetings related to reaching refugees, radical extremism, and their efforts in oppressing women and children, as well as ministering to those who reach them.
The mission at hand is $5,500. We submit this appeal by humbly asking if you would pray about how and what to give. We appreciate every sacrifice, regardless of the amount of time, effort or resources shared.
To request details of this mission contact us Here
To give to this cause Click Here

The first quarter the WOW Team worked on the next phase of The Legacy Project. The Christmas outreach was originally inspired by the momentum from the outcomes of the writing of the "The Testimony of the Tree" Christmas Presentation and new tradition, and the national release of the book: "Grandma's Christmas Legacy, the Testimony of the Tree." Since, several subsidiary outreaches have come over the years including a play, three subsidiary publications, a Christmas outreach for churches and an outreach piece with multiple uses to share the gospel both here and abroad (see link below). Now WOW Ministries International has been given opportunity to share these for national organizations, media outlets and churches both nationally and internationally. Due to this project, WOW reached over 1.2 million with the gospel!! - Only God can do this.
How you can leave a legacy worldwide:
To see those we met, interviews and video see:
For Photo's: Click Here
For Video: Click Here
Please Pray for these upcoming speaking events and media appearances.

We invite you to support WOW Ministries International or
the 42:7 PROJECT Initiatives.

How can we pray for you?
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