• Two thirds of the worlds population are found in the longitude and latitude 10/40 window.

  • 90% of those have not been reached with the Gospel.

  • 85% of those living in the 10/40 window are the poorest the poor.

Come Along side WOW Ministries as we bring the Gospel and teaching materials to the 10/40 window!

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Bring Eternal Impact
Here & Abroad:

  • Teaching & Training for the Marginalized

  • Leadership Training for the Next Generation

  • Community Development

  • Tools and Materials to Bring Framework to Families

  • Sharing the Gospel Online and Around the World


  • 4,352,000 people were brought hope online.
  • 4 million people worldwide through media & speaking tours.
  • Brought teaching, training and tools to young & old; to individuals such as marginalized women and children, adult leaders, and families.

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