Why do we participate in Give To the Max Day?

To get all we can, to move agenda forward? No.

Instead, to follow the heart of the Father as we follow his leading in prayerful planning and the boards creative and sure-footed strategies. The funds go to fuel the mission forward. However in heart, it is to come together to say: “Look, pause, imagine the difference YOU can make...for yourself.”

Our hope today, as you make donations to the many worthy causes, is that you consider taking your philanthropy to the next level. Consider this:

·       More than give your money – give of, and from your heart. What stirs you? Be purposeful.

·       Do something about it! What cause needs the cure of your aid and talents? Volunteer.

·       What Nonprofits and ministries do you or your family values align with? Invest back.

·       Realize when you send – you go with all of us, every one reaching out their necks to give

    and go beyond themselves. Be an encouragement, come alongside.