Wishes you a happy father's day!

In today's culture, fathers are shown as the fool of the household; the one who gets banished to the doghouse and constantly needs someone to bail him out of whatever he's blindly got himself into.

But the truth is, fathers are so much more than that. They inspire, they lead, they provide, they create laughter and fond memories that affect generations to come. Fathers aren't a joke, although they may love to make them. Fathers are amazing gifts that fundamentally shape who we are as people and as a culture.

Here at WOW, we believe in promoting good father-ship because, although we acknowledge that there can be bad fathering we know that as we strive forward in Christ we can diminish the effects of bad fathering, and emphasize good father-ship. Because, heaven forbid, there could be a world with fathers as they are often portrayed on our T.V. screens.